Dearest Katy,

If you are reading this page then you either figured me out or the secret pal event is over. When I got your name as a secret pal I was thrilled, but then I realized that it was going to be next to impossible staying anonymous. You know me better than just about anyone online. To keep you off my trail I tried to send you things that you wouldn't expect from me, like Anne Geddes and Precious Moments LOL. I wanted to make you a page for gifts but knew right away that you would recognize anything I made. The trick was making a page but have it look different than mine. I felt bad as I was doing it cause that meant I could not make you a set or globes or any graphics. That's why I made this page. This page is your REAL page. The other page is yours as well, but this is the page that shows how much a treasure you as my friend. Hope you like it!

Your Not-So-Secret Pal,


These are all gifts that I have made just for you. You can take them with you or leave them here, whichever is easier for you.

Click on the goats to see your SPECIAL SURPRISE!