As you enter a cave, sparkling with purple gemstones, you see a person, also dressed in purple.
The small person, who you now notice has WINGS, speaks,

Have you come to seen Amethyst? She is an adult now, and has grown very beautiful.
Amethyst is from a new breed of dragon, here at DragonRose.
Shadow Rose, the creator of DragonRose, went traveling to other islands, looking for abandoned clutches of dragon eggs.

She found a clutch of 6 purple eggs, but the parents of that clutch had NOT abandoned their nest. The parent dragons were purple, with silver filament wings, and communicated using spoken Olde English.

They more or less took Flutterby and Shadow Rose prisoner, until learning their motives for searching for the eggs. But after much discussion, Shadow Rose and her dragon Flutterby were allowed to leave, and take the 6 eggs with them. After all, dragons raised by humans have a MUCH higher survival rate than young dragons in the wild.

Amethyst is one of the first of these new dragons.
You look into the nest, but it is empty! Then you hear a noise behind you, and spin around to see a beautiful purple dragon, with silver wings. She fits into her surroundings perfectly. She looks you right in the eye, and says

Hast thou come to view me? I am without doubt the most beautiful dragon in all the land of DragonRose. Dost thou not agree.

You realize that this dragon is unlike all of the others you have met while traveling here, and stay for a visit, only leaving when she begins to look around, as if in search of someone, maybe it is Hawk her new lifemate, who gave her the rare Nerone Asiatic Lily below.

Name: Amethyst
Breed: Silver Filament
Parents: unknown
Clutch: Wild #7
Colors: Purple and Silver
Food: White meat only (preferably Pandoink)
Temperament: Let's Make a Deal...
Date Adopted: March 7, 2002
Date Hatched: April 9, 2002
Lifemate: Hawk
Bondmate: Katy

Amethyst's new pet Kajis...

Name: Purpurn
Gender: Female
Breed: Psychic
Color: Purple
Food: Meat
Litter: Wild 5 (Special)
Adopted from:Kaji's Adoptions

Meet Amethyst and Hawk's Children

Egg destroyed with the Castle
Egg destroyed with the Castle
Egg destroyed with the Castle

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