Stone Mountain

As you are walking, you see a large mountain,
with one solid rock face.
You see some type of big bird or something,
flying in and out of the many caves opening
from deep within the mountain.
They almost look like dragons?
But no, dragons don't really exist, do they?
You climb on up, and enter the first cave entrance.
There are many openings off to the side,
and you wonder whether it is safe to explore.

Suddenly, a small person approaches.

Just when you think you have lost your mind,
the person speaks,

Welcome to Stone Mountain.
Katy lives here with her dragons,
(yes, that is what those large winged creatures are)
There is also a herd of Night and Day Equines, which includes a rare and glorious Night Stallion.

You are welcome to look around, but please be careful.
Some dragons are friendlier than others.
You can also visit her daughter's dragons, as their caves link from this one as well.
Pick a tunnel, and enjoy your stay.

Where would you like to go first?
You can choose a short introduction to my dragons, if you prefer, or choose a link from below.

You can also choose to visit the Night Herd.

Katy's Dragons

Juliette Laure Nepenthe Heather Peridot
Kiss'Mee Fritillary Denim Roahn Strabo
Misty Moon Buttercup Rufous Orangina Roah'lynd
Amethyst SunShine Confucious Krystian Midas
io Glo'riana Solaris Sterling Eos
Titania Nox Nimbus Dreamweaver Tarik
Velvet Columbia Krystal Flame Inferno

I adopted ALL my dragons from