Hi! My name is Katy. Welcome to my Home on the Web.
I started the move of my 7 yr old site to this location on Feb 4, 2007. Please be patient as I change links, etc...
Updated: Nov 20 I had to remove the site, to bring it up as primary on my account. This means I have lots of missing images, etc. I'll try to make this my priority this weekend, if my internet cooperates...

Please enjoy your stay, and come back soon.
Things are always changing and growing.



Sites I play on

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Virtual human development game
free human development game


My Secret Pal Violet page
Come see my travelling goats
Other Mom's Gifts

Vacation Oregon 2000
Moving in our House 2000
Niagara Falls Vacation 2005
Grand Canyon Vacation 2006 coming soon
John's Harley May 2007
My Mercedes May 2008





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